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Mine Ethereum
Do You Want to Passive Income?

Start Mining Crypto Currency Today!

Cryptocurrency mining is done using a high power computer which performs maths equations to help support the block chain.

When you mine Ethereum you will receive a proportion of the gas fee (transaction fee on Ethereum) each time your miner completes a transaction. So you will then be paid out in Ethereum.

What is Mining?

Mining is a way that you can earn crypto currency everyday.

When you run a mining rig, it supports the block chain by completing transactions that are taking place on the block chain. In turn, as a reward for supporting the block chain, your miner gets paid a proportion of the transaction fee. Paid Daily!

Low Risk Passive Returns

Incredibly passive ROI, compared to your typical savings or investments of property and stocks. Get paid daily in an appreciating asset.

Reliable & Efficient

High power cryptocurrency mining rigs that are fully optimised and quiet enough to setup and run in your home. Tested before delivery.

You in Control

Plug and Play. All the hard work is done for you. You can mine many different coins all paid directly to your wallet every day.


On going support, we are here for you to help you through your crypto journey. Free delivery and install throughout the UK.

Earning Potential of up to 150%

  • The amount which you can earn through cryptocurrency mining will depend on a couple of variables.
  • The amount of computing power you have in your mining operation which is calculated in mega hash.
  • The more mega hash a second (mh/s) the more the crypto your mining rig will earn.
  • You do need to take into account the electricity usage as this will be an ongoing cost of running a mining rig.
  • The other is the value of the coin which you are mining because cryptocurrencies are always changing in their value to the pound.
  • There are 3 main strategies to consider when mining depending in how actively you want to manage your mining.

Mining rigs are extremely easy to maintain and often once turned on, can be left for months without any interaction whatsoever. 



Hold on for dear life. A crypto term used when a person with crypto holds on to their coins regardless of the price for the long term.


Exchange your coins each week/month for Fiat, locking in your profit. But potentially missing out on the value rise of the coin.


Mine smaller coins instead of Ethereum which is currently most profitable. Mining for a smaller offers the possibility of 100x’s.

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Bitcoin (BTC)
Ethereum (ETH)
Cardano (ADA)
Polkadot (DOT)
Polygon (MATIC)
Uniswap (UNI)